Want to help Sell Your House? Get Lost!

Question:  What is the best thing you can do during showings of your house?

  >  >  Answer:  Make yourself scarce.

Ever shopped in a store where the employees work on commission and almost seem to lurk in the background, watching your every move while you shop?  It can be unpleasant.

This scenario doesn't really put you in the buying mood, does it?
It can be uncomfortable exploring a home when you also feel like you’re being watched. Making buyers feel comfortable when looking for a home is absolutely essential. They want to be able to look at the home without feeling the distraction of the home's owner, they want to take whatever time they need to absorb the details and features.  What if buyers have questions while looking at your home?  Their agent can relay any followup questions.So, when your home is being shown, it is a good time to take the dog for a walk or run to the grocery store.

Can't leave the house during a showing?
Maybe you have a sick child at home, or just sat down to dinner?  That happens; you certainly need to 'live' in your home while it is on the market.  Do your best to give the buyer the time and space, and excuse yourself to another part of the house.

There are many things that go into getting your home sold.  No real estate market is without challenges; let Hillstrom Real Estate show you how to navigate them smoothly.  Call us at 301-294-3000.