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Home Buying can be Stressful

What I have found over many years of working with home buyers is that there comes a point when a special home is found, a decision needs to be made as to submitting an offer, and the clients get very stressed – it is a big step to take.  The excitement is there, but also the worry. As expected, this is more pronounced with first time buyers. The question I ask: is the concern about the property, or is it about the process?

Is it the Process or the Property?

Property: every home buyer has a wish list of features for their new home. Most buyers understand that there is no perfect home, but some features are ‘must haves’ while others are not. Can the buyer see themselves living in the home? Are there changes to the home that can be made at a later time to make it more livable or fit their needs better? Most buyers find that they ‘grow into’ the new house and quickly feel at home.

Process: there is a lot involved in making an offer and doing all the steps necessary to get to settlement and receive the keys to the new home. There are some big decisions as well as many small ones. There are other parties involved in the purchase that can add to the complexity, such as lenders, property inspectors, and settlement companies. Buyers don’t need to feel they are alone if they are working with an experienced real estate agent who has navigated the challenges that might be encountered.

How to Proceed

Over the years I have had the pleasure of answering all the questions and concerns that my buyer clients had, and helped them to find just the right home. While things can seem overwhelming, the process is generally similar for any property, so my advice is to set the focus on finding the right home.  The process will follow when working with the right real estate agent.


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